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The Songs the Beatles Played
An Expanded Compendium
by Steve Lambley
Spacer Unquestionably, the Beatles remain the key band of the rock era.

Although their official recording career spanned just seven years, the musical legacy that they continue to bestow upon global popular culture some 50 years later is immense. It is testament to the incredible power that they had in shaping the musical landscape.

Here, in a single volume, are the facts behind all their studio, radio, television and film recordings recorded and released between 1958 and 2017 – dates; locations; who played what; take and mix numbers; overdubbing, editing and release details; and UK and US chart data.

Also included in this Expanded Edition is information on over 80 of the key songs the Beatles played live but never recorded. From ‘Across The Universe’ to ‘Your True Love’,
The Songs the Beatles Played gives details of over 400 songs that the Beatles played.

Within these pages you’ll find details of:
  • the song, recorded by the Beatles for BBC radio, that was written in the 1860s
  • the only song – probably – to feature Ringo on organ
  • the song that was recorded in 102 takes over four days in 1968 ... and not released by the Beatles until 1996

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352 pages, including annexes
5.5 x 8.5 in (14 x 21.6 cm)
ISBN 978-94-91868-03-0 (softback)

Download a sample pdf of the book, and the annexes.

The book is soon to be available as an e-book.